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The Casdagli Panel, Speech Room, Harrow School

Harrow School’s Exhibition LOYAL TO THE HILL, The Story of A.T. Casdagli (The Grove 1920/1) and his love for Harrow School opened to great acclaim in the magnificent Old Speech Room Gallery on 28 January 2020the actual centenary of Cas’ first day at the School  and has now been extended  until 3 December 2021 . The book of the same name,  published by Cylix Press is to be launched in the Old Speech Room Gallery on 4 November 2021 . It is compiled and edited by Alexis Penny Casdagli and liberally illustrated – for full details see the ABOUT LOYAL TO THE HILL page. Here is just one of the many excellent comments about the Exhibition: ‘LOYAL TO THE HILL is an absolutely fabulous exhibition; the embroidery is quite stunning and there’s so much else of such great interest – I was totally mesmerised.’  Nick Shryane, Bursar, Harrow School


Capture On Crete

Casdagli, left, and his  capture on Crete, from a German newspaper, 1941

Capture On Cretea film by Cylix Press in English and Greek, is based on the opening chapters of Prouder Than Ever and tells the true story of Major A T Casdagli’s capture in Sphakia, Crete on 1 June 1941. Filmed in Athens and Crete during the commemorations for 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete in June 2016, it includes the participation of John Kittmer, the then British Ambassador to Greece; Dimitris Caramitsos-Tziras, the Greek Ambassador to the Court of St James’s; Tony Buckby, the Director of the British Council in Greece; Jeremy Kippenberger, the son of Major General Sir Howard Kippenberger, the great New Zealand soldier; Andreas Fasolakis, who as a boy in Sphakia, saw the capture of the Allied Forces; Yannis Zervos, the Executive Director of the Athens Centre and many others. Capture On Crete, written and directed by Alexis Penny Casdagli, will be premiered in Crete, London & Athens in 2021 for the 80th Anniversary of that momentous Battle. Watch the trailer:

For 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete, Cylix Press filmed Anton Thompson-McCormick, the actor, singing Keep The Home Fires Burning on the Askifou Plain of Crete. This short film, produced and directed by Alexis Penny Casdagli, won an Odysseus Award at the London Greek Film Festival last year. Anton sings on the same road along which the 12,000 Allied Troops, taken prisoner in Sphakia on 1 June 1941, were forced to march to the north of Crete and to captivity in Germany. 

4 March 2019

Detail from one of A.T. Casdagli’s butterfly embroideries

A Butterfly Saved My Life
Enthralled is the only word to describe how the members of the Halstead Seniors Club listened to this talk, told in such a passionate, sincere manner by Alexis Penny. You could have heard a pin drop. An insight into the spirit and strength of A.T.Casdagli and others like him, this talk was truly inspiring.                                          Jackie Johnson, Club President


Song of Songs In The Tibetan Peace Garden, London

Our video of this beautiful song from
The Ballad of Mauthausen by Mikis Theodorakis
featuring Marina Deligianni and Dimitris Gionis is made in English, Greek and Tibetan and is part of the music for our documentary Capture On Crete to be released in 2021

20 May 2017Alexis Penny Casdagli wins an Odysseus Award in theBest Experimental Film 2017 in the London Greek Film Festival for her short film This Song, which is part of our documentary Capture On Crete


5 May 2017

The Fulham and Chelsea Branch of the Women’s Institute,

An Embroiderer Of Some Skill, a talk given by Alexis Penny Casdagli



The Prouder Than Ever Book Launch

With wonderful music and songs by Plastikes Karekles

27 January 2017

‘It was a fascinating presentation and much appreciated and enjoyed by the many that attended.‘
Ian Bayley, 1940s Society

Remembrance Day, 11 November 2016
This wonderful article in Kudos, Kent’s elegant life-style magazine, about A T Casdagli is side by side with one on the incredibly brave Jakub Tucek, the grandfather of its Publishing Director, Hannah Tucek – see page 88.

3 November 2016

Meet the Author Day at the Imperial War Museum

Alexis Penny Casdagli, on behalf of A T Casdagli (1906-1996), signed copies of Prouder Than Ever at the Imperial War Museum. It was an extraordinarily moving event as, in 1982, Major A T Casdagli lodged the typescript of his secret war diary with the Archives  of the IWM and now, almost 35 years later, that diary is now a much praised book. Photograph courtesy of the IWM.

14-15 October 2016

Alexis Penny had the privilege of giving a paper to the Greeks and Cypriots in the United Kingdom 1815-2015 Conference at the Hellenic Centre in London, organized by the Centre for Greek Diaspora Studies Conference. Her paper, These Slender Threads That Bind Us, explores the experiences of her grandfather, T E Casdagli, Greek Consul to Manchester, May 1915-December 1922 and A T Casdagli, her father, British Consul to Volos during the Greek Civil War, January 1947- November 1949.

‘On behalf of the Hellenic Centre and the Director personally, we would like to thank you for the excellent talk you gave here at the CGDS Conference.’     Maria Kalli, the Hellenic Centre

3 October 2016

The Tibetan Peace Garden London, beautiful autumn sunlight, and James Morton filming Marina Deligianni and Dimitris Gionis for

Capture On Crete

‘It was a pleasure meeting you all yesterday at the Tibetan Peace Garden. I’m very much impressed and moved by your inspiring project for your father’s story, Alexis. I sincerely wish Capture On Crete will inspire millions of individuals for peace in the near future. I always firmly believe one person can make a difference in the world through his/her act of compassion and vision.’

Jamyang Dhondup, Manager, The Tibet Foundation

15 September 2016

Cylix Press is delighted to announce

Prouder Than Ever

is now available through Cylix Press


16-18 Paddington Street, Marylebone, London W1U 5AS

Contact the office on 020 7487 5060 or check The Book Shop at

7 June 2016
This article in the Cretan newspaper, Agonas Tis Kritis, by the Cretan journalist, Gianis Aggelakis, is the first time Major A T Casdagli’s story has been told in Greek and took place in Chania, a few days after 75th anniversary of the Battle of Crete, 1 June 1941

13 April 2016

The Athens Centre, Athens, Greece

Prouder Than Ever To Be Greek, a talk by Alexis Penny Casdagli

‘It was an honour to have you present Prouder Than Ever at the Athens Centre. The work you are doing is very important in our understand of the tragedy of WW2 and the countless human stories that remain unwritten’     Yannis Zervos, Executive Director, The Athens Centre

1 Febuary 2016

The British Red Cross blog on A T Casdagli was their most popular of the month. With well over 2000 readers, it now has 400 Likes through Facebook. Read it and add yours!

‘A fantastic piece!’ Philippe Sands QC, maker/protagonist of My Nazi Legacy

‘A wonderful blog post.’  Jennifer Simmons, Communications Manager, Harrow School

‘Astonishing and moving.’ Rupert Muldoon, landscape gardener and artist

November 2015

Alexis Theodore Casdagli POW
Old Speech Room Gallery, Harrow School, 23 April – 26 June 2015

‘A truly absorbing and moving depiction of an extraordinary man.’

Jim Hawkins, Head Master, Harrow School

‘An unforgettable Harrow exhibition on a great Harrovian.’

Peter Hunter, Assistant Registrar, Harrow School

‘Absolutely brilliant.’

Andy Todd, Head of History and Politics, Harrow School

21 June 2015

The Prouder Than Ever Event at the Hellenic Centre, London

‘A wonderful evening! We are all delighted the ‘Prouder Than Ever‘ Event went so well and was so well attended – almost 100 people there!’

Agatha Kalisperas, Director of the Hellenic Centre

St Sophia’s Catheral

Cylix Press

are delighted to announce the Book Launch of

A. T. Casdagli’s


took place in the Crypt of St Sophia’s Cathedral, London on 23 October 2014.

Watch the PROUDER THAN EVER Launch on YouTube.

The Evening Standard published an article about the Launch

Kindly donated by Hain Daniels, every copy of PROUDER THAN EVER

on the night came with a free packet of

For why this is wonderful, see page 191 of PROUDER THAN EVER and follow instructions!

Over 100 people came, enjoyed home-cooked Greek and English food, Barefoot wine and Bombardier beer. We were then entranced by music and songs from

Plastikes Karekles

and readings from PROUDER THAN EVER by the actor

Anton Thompson-McCormick

Here are some responses to the Launch evening from guests attending:

‘Your wonderful book launch was a special evening and we were delighted to be with you.’ Sam Collett, property entrepreneur and writer

‘A really super and moving evening. It was a brilliant idea to have readings and music. The performers were all wonderful.’ Tabitha Tuckett, cellist

‘Had such a great evening – thank you! And my granddad is loving the book.’ Leanne Elson, designer at Gravity Matrix

‘What a wonderful evening and what a beautiful book. The layout and quality are amazing.’ Polly Dennis, student and mother

‘An amazing evening, beautiful and unique. I felt very privileged to have been invited.’  Dr. Tauni Lanier, Environmental Economist

‘Thanks for such a marvellous evening! It was lovely. Very moving. A completely successful tribute to Alexis’ father.’ Professor Clive Coen, Kings College London

‘I thoroughly enjoyed your fantastic event. Can’t wait to read the book!’ Michelle Williamson, podiatrist

‘Brilliant evening. Well done.’ Hannah Thompson, artist

‘A delightful reception. I am reading the book with admiration both for the father and also for his daughter.’ James MacDonald, playwright