Capture On Crete Coming Soon!

Casdagli, left, and his  capture on Crete, from a German newspaper, 1941

Capture On Crete a film by Cylix Press in English and Greek, is based on the opening chapters of Prouder Than Ever and tells the true story of Major A T Casdagli’s capture in Sphakia, Crete on 1 June 1941. Filmed in Athens and Crete during the commemorations for 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete in June 2016, it includes the participation of John Kittmer, the then British Ambassador to Greece; Dimitris Caramitsos-Tziras, the Greek Ambassador to the Court of St James’s; Tony Buckby, the Director of the British Council in Greece; Jeremy Kippenberger, the son of Major General Sir Howard Kippenberger, the great New Zealand soldier; Andreas Fasolakis, who as a boy in Sphakia, saw the capture of the Allied Forces; Yannis Zervos, the Executive Director of the Athens Centre and many others. Capture On Crete, written and directed by Alexis Penny Casdagli, will be premiered in Crete, London & Athens in 2021 for the 80th Anniversary of that momentous Battle. Watch the trailer:

For 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Crete, Cylix Press filmed Anton Thompson-McCormick, the actor, singing Keep The Home Fires Burning on the Askifou Plain of Crete. He sings on the same road along which the 12,000 Allied Troops, taken prisoner in Sphakia on 1 June 1941, were forced to march to the north of Crete and to captivity in Germany. This video, in English and Greek, is part of Capture on Crete.